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Meet the Author

Zoom meetings with our writers

A new Wla initiative that brings us closer and gives you the chance to meet some of our writers personally.





25th March - h. 3,30 pm (Italian Time) - Carola Benedetto and Luciana Ciliento, after the international success of their  Story for kids who want to save the world (DeA Planeta 2019), sold in 6 languages and 11 countries, will present their new exciting ecological series.

4 novels for children (Age 9+), each set in an element of nature: Water, Air, Earth, and Subsoil. Each volume contains 6 adventures through which the protagonist, having fun and chatting with unexpected fellow travelers, will learn a lot about the ecosystem and the biodiversity in the elements. A series that aims to inspire a more conscious vision among young readers, full of hope, on the relationship between man and nature, forthcoming by TRE60 (Gems Group) in September 2021.

You can see the presentation here

 15th April - h. 3,30 pm (Italian Time) -

Rosa Ventrella is an Italian writer who has become in the last three years an International best-selling author. Her novels The slander and Story of a decent family, are translated in 30 countries. She will present her latest novel Blessed be the father (Benedetto sia il padre - Mondadori, 16th March), but also The slander (La malalegna, Mondadori, 2019) already sold in 10 languages and published in 15 countries.

“Rosa Ventrella has the gift of giving voice to her female protagonists, who speak to us the language of closeness and solidarity. (...) A novel that is a hymn to forgiveness and self-acceptance, to be read as a balm for the soul. To recognize us and to remember who we are.”

You can see the presentation here


28th April - h. 3,30 pm (Italian Time) -

Silvia Montemurro, after the success of The house of butterflies (La casa delle farfalle - Rizzoli, 2018), she will present her latest novel Hitler's stolen orchestra (L'Orchestra rubata di Hitler, Salani, 13rd May), the first novel was ever written about the Sonderstabmusik, a secret SS task force that Hitler commissioned to steal the most valuable instruments and musical scores.

The struggle for survival of two women in nazi Germany, divided by history but united by the music of a violin.

You can see the presentation here


16th June - h. 3,30 pm (Italian Time) -

Federica Sgaggio, will present her novel The scope of love (L'eredità dei vivi - Marsilio, 2020). During Sgaggio's MA in Writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway, Federica Sgaggio will devote the main part of the Academic Year to the re-writing of her latest novel in English, so she will be working under the supervision of the Irish renowned novelist and NUI Galway lecturer Mike Mc Cormack, (winner of the 2016 Goldsmith Prize and the 2018 International Dublin Literary Award). This will be the first time ever for NUI Galway School of English and Creative Arts to endorse a multilingual literary project by a non-native English-speaking author.

Full English translation of the novel will be available before the end of 2021.


Other meetings with our authors in June and July

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